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Your perfect daily skincare routine is here!

We believe that self-care is so important and that everyone deserves to take time each day for themselves to feel good.  Having beautiful, glowing skin can really make you feel your best, so we have created a simple, three step routine to cleanse and hydrate your skin, leaving it glowing and ready for the day ahead.

The Hairy Fairy Godmother’s Young To Be skincare routine is made up of a deep cleanse, followed by a hydrating serum and finishing with a moisturising glow.

Here are our simple steps for your brightest and best skin.


Step one – HFG Magic Potion

The first step in your skincare routine is a really thorough cleanse and exfoliate. This will get rid of all of your dead skin cells to allow your new skin to shine through. After struggling to find something suitable on the market, Kellie developed her own Magic Potion which you can make yourself at home. Here’s Kellie to tell you a bit more about why she developed this recipe and how it will transform your skin in as little as two applications.

Here's Kellie to tell you more about the Magic Potion

Buy your Magic Potion bottle here 

Step Two – HFG Hydrating Serum

After using the Magic Potion, the next step is to apply your HFG Hydrating Serum. This little gem is another product which Kellie developed as she wanted a serum which provided all day moisture and softness, but with as many natural ingredients as possible. Kellie’s top tip is to use a brush to work the serum into your skin, allowing it to really penetrate and give your skin all the moisture it needs. A little goes a long way too, 2-3 drops is plenty as it is highly concentrated.

Kellie explains more about our fantastic HFG Hydrating Serum here.

Try our Hydrating Serum for yourself here.


Step Three – Glam Glow

Your skin will now be smooth and hydrated, so the final step is to give it that subtle healthy glow. Use a little of your own face cream and mix it with a few drops of the Crownbrush Golden Glow, then apply it with the HFG Glow Brush. This will keep your skin moisturized whilst giving it a lovely healthy glow.

Here’s Kellie to tell you more about getting your Glam Glow

Pick up your Crownbrush Golden Glow here

Do you have any beauty questions for Kellie? Would you like to share your experiences of using our products? Drop us a line in the comments section below, we'd love to hear from you!






Davis Leeann

Hfg skin care routine ✨️

Well twice I’ve been OUT with NO makeup on whats so ever , n I’ve never received so many compliments since using the hfg skin care routine 💞
I can’t believe how much more confident I am in myself since using the hfg products, I was getting seriously depressed about my under eye bags BUT now I’m embracing my natural skin n loving everything about my skin ❤️ 😍
Thank you for introducing us to this magic potion ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ 💕

Emma Harding

I have been following the routine for quite a few months now and absolutely love the effect it’s had on my face and neck! The serum feels beautiful on and the glam glow is magical! Thankyou Kellie, I love your tips and daily messages, you really have helped me to start looking after myself, even of it’s only 10 minutes a day, it has made a world of a difference! You are amazing! xx

Davis Leeann

I’ve been using the hfg magic potion and hydrating serum for around 10 months or so now and honestly the difference in my under eyes are amazing 👏 ✨️ 🙌 ♥️ my skin is so much firmer n I look years younger since using the products. And finish it off with the crown eye primer which is a game changer alone ❤️ n I will never use anything else other than hfg products. XxX

Helen Powell

Started watching your videos during lockdown. I’m very lucky in that you’ve been my hairdresser for a long time so I get to see you in person ❤️ I can honestly say the difference in both your skin and my skin is incredible. Just wish I’d taken before photos xx

Jacqueline Dillon

So I’ve finished my 1st bottle of Serum and followed my skin routine faithfully. I actually look forward to my skin routine as its something only for me😊 personally I’ve noticed a huge difference in tone texture of my skin. But few nights ago I was at a night out n at least 3 different people commented on how amazing n fresh my skin was. It felt good 😊 thanks too you and your team for all your lives and tips they are great Jaci

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