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‘Brush’ up your knowledge with HFG

Who, what, when, where and how?






‘Who?’ I hear you ask…….well Crownbrush of course. 






With over 35 years of makeup brush making experience, Crown is recognized in the beauty industry as a global leader in cosmetic brushes. Offering the highest quality at the lowest industry price.






‘What?’ I hear you say, let me tell you a little more:






We all love a makeup brush, but with so many varieties on the market (it’s all a bit overwhelming) you’re often left wondering where to start. Well HFG is the place, HFG have listed 9 Staple brushes, but of course a few multiple piece sets.




See our Favourite Makeup Brushes here: Makeup Brushes


When? This one is short & sweet! Whenever you like and whenever you need. Why not subscribe to our website and join our Newsletter to be the first to hear about our exclusive offers.

Where to use and how to use - let’s delve a little deeper


HFG Hero Brush


The Skincare Hero Brush - Use this little gem to apply your serums and creams and watch them absorb deeply into your skin where they are needed most. Ideal for stimulating your circulation and using with your HFG Hydrating Serum you will notice a flawless, brighter finish after applying. 


Glow Brush - Produced specifically for the ‘HFG Young To Be Skin’ routine, this dense rounded skincare brush is perfect for giving you a natural even finish, reducing wastage making your products go further, and reduce germ transference from your hands to the delicate skin on your face. 


Under Eye Brush- The Under Eye brush is perfect for applying primers, creams and concealers to the delicate under eye area.  Leaving a flawless finish. The medium sized head makes it suitable for applying concealer to the under-eye area as well as highlighting and concealing throughout the T-zone area of the face.


Face Primer Brush - The HFG Face Primer Brush is an all-in-one and must-have! Its bristles are perfectly chiselled on both sides and perfectly tapered to lightly work your face primer onto your skin flawlessly. The shape of this brush helps with hard-to-reach areas such as the sides of the nose, and around the lip area.


Brow Brush - The Angled Syntho Liner & Spoolie Brush is a wonderful tool for applying brow powder and grooming your brows. The synthetic angled brush is recommended for applying all eyebrow powders. The spoolie is used to brush your brows upward which opens up the eye area. The spoolie may also be used to separate your lashes after applying mascara.


Flawless Foundation Brush - The most incredible foundation brush we have come across, the large head which is made up of soft synthetic hairs of different lengths produce the most flawless easy application of liquid foundation.  


Large fluffy Brush - The Pro Lush Powder Brush will help you achieve an all over glow, Kellie loves this brush for applying golden glow to her neck and chest as part of her make up routine. This ultra-soft synthetic brush is cruelty-free, easy to clean, and maintains its shape and structure throughout countless uses. The Pro Lush Powder Brush can also be used with powder products, such as bronzers, blushers and highlighters.


Blusher Brush- With its pointed shape, the Pro Blusher Brush is designed to beautifully apply bronzers and blushers.


Eyeshadow Brush- The Crownbrush Eyeshadow brush is the perfect tool for blending out shadow onto the eye lid. Because of the high-grade natural bristle blend, this brush easily picks up large amounts of product, dispersing it evenly along the lid, resulting in a more dramatic, full coverage application. Perfect for those smokey eye, intense looks that require master blending.


Brush care

Make up brushes should be cleaned on a weekly basis. Most of us are guilty of neglecting our make up brushes, letting powder and cream formulas build up on the bristles for weeks, or using more than one colour without cleaning in-between. But according to the pros, it's essential to spend at least a few minutes each week getting the gunk out to prevent bacteria growth, acne & more skin issues.

Here at HFG we stock The Crownbrush Brush Cleaner Spray. Our Makeup brush cleaner fluid is made to help you get more life and performance out of your makeup brushes. Our cleanser works by dissolving grime build ups, makeup and oil on your brushes to make them hygienic and to help them last longer. Keeping your brushes clean will help them to last longer and keep your face hygienically clean. Use our cleaner fluid for a quick spray clean when you are short on time or soak your brushes in it for a deeper clean. A real must-have for your make up bag.

Brush Cleaner

I can’t leave it there without giving you some amazing hacks from HFG: Keeping a few genius make up brush hacks in mind can make all of the difference when it comes to properly caring for your tools and using them to their full potential.

  1. Use the Flawless foundation brush to apply face masks.
  2. Temporarily transform your fluffy brush with a bobby pin to make it a contour/ fan brush. see picture.
  3. Don’t forget to dampen your eyeshadow brush to intensify pigment.
  4. Use the brow brush spoolie to slick down those pesky fly aways.

We hope this has helped you ‘brush’ up your knowledge.


Love Carly XXX

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