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The iconic HFG Hydrating Serum - tell me more!

One of our hero products here at HFG is the amazing HFG Hydrating Serum. It is loved by customers the world over and is always one of our best selling products, with hundreds of 5 star reviews. Here's all you need to know about this fantastic little gem...


Why did we create the Serum?

Our aim when we created the Serum was to offer our customers a product which would hydrate, regenerate and protect so many areas of their skin. We all have so many beauty products on our shelves nowadays, so we wanted to offer a product which gives amazing results on so many different areas in one handy little bottle!



How is it made?

We are really proud that our Serum was developed here in the UK and is unique to the market with our bespoke Hyaluronic blend and lightweight formula. It contains natural ingredients, no parabens and is 100% vegan, so you can discover your most beautiful, healthy skin with no harsh chemicals.



Where on my body can I use it?

There are so many ways you can use your Serum! Here are just a few ways in which it can improve your skin as part of your everyday beauty routine. It will:

- Plump, lift and firm your face

- Tighten your neck and décolletage

- Brighten your eye area

- Hydrate dry hands, cuticles and nails for younger-looking hands

- Moisturise and smooth dry knees and elbows

- Regenerate skin cells to help with scar healing



What is the best way to apply it?

The Serum has been designed to be applied with our Hero Brush. Using the brush allows the Serum to penetrate deeply into the skin, where it is needed the most. It also stops any germs and bacteria being transferred from your hands to your face during the application, making it more hygienic. 



Does it work?

So many of our lovely customers have sent us photos of before and after they were using their Serum, as they were so pleased with the results. Here are just a few of them, don't they look incredible?!


What do our customers think of the Serum?

We are blown away by the wonderful reviews which our customers have given the Serum. Here are just a few of them:

'I absolutely love this serum, I'm on my 2nd bottle now. The results are amazing. I'm 61 and had so many compliments on my skin.' Janice B

'I cannot express enough how much I love this serum it has completely transformed my skin. I have now started using it on my hands and upper arms(bat wings) and there is already after 1 and a half weeks an amazing difference especially on my hands which have always looked wrinkled but are now so much smoother and softer. 😍 ' Helen F

'I adore this product and can't imagine it not being on my face day and night, the compliments I have had about my skin is what a 45year old needs to hear. My skin feels smooth and definitely thins out the deep lines and disappears the fine lines, if your in doubt try it out, I guarantee you wont use any other serum.' Nicole B

'Very easy to apply my skin feels lovely and people say how glowing I look. Will definitely carry on using it. Plus it doesn’t irritate my skin as I have rosacea' Julie L


See all of the Serum reviews here 


You can try our HFG Hydrating Serum for yourself here, we hope you love it as much as we do!






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