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Olaplex - what is it and why do I need it?

With so many hair care products available nowadays, it’s easy to get confused and not know where to start. But Olaplex is a game changer for your hair! Here's why Kellie loves the Olaplex range so much.



Olaplex is a family of products which can be used together to dramatically improve the condition and vitality of your hair. Designed to be used in salons and on all hair types, Olaplex is now available to everyone, giving you salon-quality treatments from the comfort of your own home.

Many products on the market will coat your hair in silicone, which stops it from soaking up vital nutrients. Olaplex will remove all of this waxy build up from your hair, leaving it fresh and nourished and ready to soak up all the goodness from the Olaplex products. It's paraben free, vegan, sulphate free, never tested on animals and is suitable for all hair types.


The real key staples of the Olaplex range are the No.4 shampoo and No.5 conditioner. Stripping away all of the build up whilst repairing and restoring to allow nutrients to soak into your hair, these products are a perfect introduction to the Olaplex range. Kellie explains more about these fantastic products here.


A wonderful addition to your haircare routine is the No.3 Hair Perfector. Designed to repair and strengthen your hair after just one treatment, this little wonder will leave your hair feeling smooth and nourished. Here's Kellie to explain how the No.3 Hair Perfector will protect and restore your hair's softness.


One of Kellie's favourite products in the range is the No.6 Bond Smoother. A highly concentrated leave-in creme to strengthen, hydrate and de-frizz, this little wonder speeds up blow drying whilst smoothing your hair at the same time. Here's Kellie to tell you more about this little gem!


One of the newest additions to the Olaplex range is the No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo. If you have blonde hair or natural grey tones, this is the shampoo for you! No.4P neutralises yellow tones to keep your colour bright whilst also strengthening and softening. Kellie explains more about the new Olaplex No.4P here.

Olaplex No.8 is the ultimate in haircare SOS! Offering deep hydration and hair repair, this luxurious treatment will leave your hair feeling so soft and nourished. Here are Kellie's recommendations on getting the best from Olaplex No.8 


The newest member of the Olaplex family is No.9 Nourishing Hair Serum. Designed to control frizz and static, this nourishing serum will detangle your hair, add volume to your blow dry and protect your hair from pollution. Kellie gives you her tips on how to use the new Olaplex No.9 here.


With over 200 5 star reviews, it's clear that our customers love Olaplex! See for yourself and start your Olaplex journey here


Tell us which are your favourite Olaplex products in the comments below, we'd love to hear which ones you love!

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