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It's so lovely to have you here, thank you for visiting! Here's a little about how Hairy Fairy Godmother was born, what we do and what's important to us.
Kellie Hughes, one of the founders of HFG, has been a hairdresser in the North West of England for around 30 years and owns Kellie Hughes hair and beauty emporium. When the COVID-19 pandemic started in early 2020, Kellie, like many other hairdressers, had to close her salon and felt responsible for all of her staff and their families who now had no income. With time on her hands and stock in the salon, Kellie created videos on how to achieve salon looks at home, recommending the best products to help people to feel good about themselves in what was an extremely difficult time for everyone.
As well as hair and beauty, Kellie also talked about mental health and self care, as these are topics which are very close to her heart and which many people struggled with during the pandemic. These videos provided some support and relief for people when times were tough and they were viewed in their millions.
Vicki Jones also worked in the beauty industry as part of Crownbrush, a UK-based make-up brush specialist. In a happy twist of fate, one of Kellie’s online followers was a friend of Vicki’s and suggested that they meet and team up and that’s when the Hairy Fairy Godmother was born! Both Kellie and Vicki are passionate about their products and will only sell what they absolutely love and believe in. HFG was created to offer everyone the very best tried, tested and trusted hair and beauty products at the best possible prices.
We're so happy to have you on the journey with us!


Sara Windsor

I found Kellie by accident at the start of lockdown , she made me laugh , cry
Truest person around , she gave us some amazing tips , and couldn’t wait for her morning lives
She is a wonderful person and deserves all of this x

Helen Powell

Kellie has been my hairdresser for over 20 years, it is just wonderful to see that her hard work helping people during lockdown has resulted in HFG being born. She is the nicest, kindest person and I am very lucky to know her in person ❤️

Jane carole griffiths

I too have been following kellie since the first down lock as she used to call it , 😂I’ve used , tried and tested all kellies products and ideas and have seen a massive difference in my skin and hair , I’ve even been asked if I’ve had Botox 😜 I’ve used the same routine on the tops of my arms ( bingo wings ) and with the routine and a little 3 minute Excercise I noticed a massive difference there too 🙌🏻 Thank you kellie and your team 🫶🏻 Good bless you xxx 😘

Loraine Mcpherson

What can I say about Kellie Hughes? I watched her first ever live and the way she was I could relate to. She is a beautiful soul with so much kindness in her heart. I remember making the bottles up the Oro plex that we could spray in our hair, but also saving money, everyone i met would ask if I had Botox also but no I would tell them about HFG which i also remember Kellie saying that it also stood for HERE FOR GOOD so honoured to have been a part of this journey with all of you beautiful ladies xx

Shirley Sullivan

I’d just like to say spoke to Vicki today and she sorted my problem out right away. She even made time to chat to me which was really nice. Between Vicki and Kellie – what a team! Congratulations on the continuing success of Hairy Fairy Godmother 🥰

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