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Kellie Hughes Stairs




For me Kellie is my guardian angel on my shoulder, always willing me to go on when things are tough, she’s always there to encourage, support and give advice, she’s just the most beautiful selfless soul I’ve ever had the privilege to know, 💕💕💕 she cares deeply for each and everyone of us

I am grateful beyond words that I came across her in downlock, she is the light in the darkness.
Smiles for miles
Nicola xxx

Wendy Bowes

I found out about Kellie through my cousin and oh I’m so glad I did. She is the most kind hearted beautiful soul and wonderful person I could ever be privileged to know.  I love Kellie’s live videos they are so inspirational and she’s hilarious too. I love her magic potion it’s so easy to make and wow what a difference it has made to my skin. How many hairdressers would give you free tutorials and Kellie does them so wholeheartedly. This lockdown has been awful however I would never have known her if it hadn’t have happened so good things come out of bad, she as certainly made my lockdown easier. She as a massive fan base and no wonder because she is so amazing. She is so very supportive and nothing is too much trouble she will help you all she can. I bought a GHD Helios hairdryer from her and wow this is the best of the best ordered it and 2 days later it arrived and I’m blown away with it. Thank you Kellie, Vicki and the HFG Team. I’m so glad I found you Kellie can’t imagine how I managed before I knew you. She is loved so much including me love you lots.

Liza Barton

Since I started watching Kellie's live video's my life has changed in the sense, instead of sitting in my pjs day in day out, I now have a skin routine and although my hair needs cutting, the feel of it is amazing with Olaplex and my skin feels amazing with the potion, I've still not managed to leave my flat because of my health, but I'm in a better place than I've been in years, thank's to the HFG Kellie Hughes, I love her to bits, she makes me smile too. Liza Barton x


Sarah Brown

I’ve always had anxiety but since my stroke it’s got worse. I’m not exaggerating but Kellie saved me because I would have spiralled down. It’s joyous to see all your positive posts.

I love Kellie’s videos! I’ve been hooked since the end of April, I’m not sure why she came up on the video section of Facebook but I’m so glad she did!!
I had a stroke 8 years ago when I was 34 and it left me paralysed down my right side without any speech. Everything works now, well sort of, but I struggle to do anything with my right hand so my hair and make up is a nightmare with my only my left hand!! 😱I was such a chatterbox before and I had to learn to speak again, it’s called aphasia and it affects my reading and writing as well as my speech.

Love Sarah Brown


Young at Heart from Wirral

First stumbled onto Kellie’s video’s in April whilst on lock down. With all the pressures of lockdown & having personal issues it was a breath of fresh air to watch/listen to her.
Yes, she has her own language when describing things but that’s her uniqueness! She’s so supportive of her staff & followers. I decided to follow her!

Every morning she really tries to pass on tips to her followers, that she’s found helped her moving forward with her mental health.

I love her tips & as I’m a lady of a certain age, I’m pleased she includes us in her cleansing routine.
• I’ve tried the Magic Portion for cleansing the face & neck (which I regular use to reduce the look of my turkey neck & deep cleansers my skin)

• Also use coconut oil for my chest & body at night, leaves my skin so skin. I’m also using the Olaplex shampoo & conditioner & loved you can buy the smaller bottle to see if it suits you & take away for the weekend.

Due to having blonde hair Kellie suggested I use the Neal & Wolf Miracle Blowdry mist, which is so fine, leaves no nasty residue. Plus I watched her video on tips on how to blow dry your hair & how to get a lift on your roots!

• Have also bought the Crownbrush foundation brush. Love the feel of the bristles & they are not expensive.

To top it all, if you miss her videos, tips etc, you can find them in the section area of her main page!
Behind the scenes, Kellie has a team of staff who help her to run her website. There her little team will answer any questions. I’ve often had to ask them for help! You can find her on Facebook or Instagram.

Maz Cameron

Well we're do I start…...

I was shielding feeling very low end of March messing around with my phone, and there Kellie popped up it was like she was sent to cheer me up.
I tuned into you live videos everyday still do so much kindness! Brolly Chats, lol

Funny beautiful her own words ABCs for everyday so funny. Then came Magic potion and all the tips for hair, tan Ray Bags for the eye . Kellie Hughes I’m still following you as you pulled me back from that low time. Iv ordered Olaplex so further review to follow
I can only thank you maybe get to meet you one day. xx



Hi I came across Kellie in the lockdown and thank god i did she helped me with anxiety struggling to get out if bed everyday. Then was the magic potion well say no more absolutely amazing. And all her funny sayings smiles for miles and sprinkles and twinkles and 2moras washing and cheese slices and doing the piggle wiggle. Luv her so much will one day take a road trip and come to see u Kellie hughes u are amazing for all u have been through.



I am 59 years old and during this period of uncertainty with Covid 19 I took early retirement from work and was sooooo bored. I discovered HFG and it has made an amazing difference to me and my hair/skin. I use all the olaplex range, magic potion, serum, glam and dew it.


Marilyn Ellis

HFG what a fantastic ride this has been Kellie is a wonderful lady who brings sunshine to many people .❤️Her recommendations magic potion has been really helpful all Olaplex hair products I’ve used ❤️So All I can say is I would recommend HFG to all the ladies looking for genuine products that do the job then this is the place to go x


Laura Cook

I have followed Kelly since the start of lockdown. I made the magic potion 🧪 and followed her many hair tips from blow drying to curling with straighteners it has been great. Kelly helped me through Lockdown with all of this and I came out other side feeling great x thank you Kelly Hughes you are a star.


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