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The Lucy Rayner Foundation

Lucy Rayner Foundation


The Hairy Fairy Godmother has teamed up with an incredible charity, we will be working together to raise awareness and funds for this amazing family run Mental Health Charity. Here is a little insight into The Lucy Rayner Foundation.


Lucy Rayner Foundation.

A charity set up in memory of Lucy who sadly took her own life in May 2012 aged just 22. In just over eight years the foundation have held many events to raise funds and raise awareness of mental health in young people. Working in partnership with other organisation’s we aim to ensure that no young person with a mental health condition has to suffer silently or alone. Funds raised by The Lucy Rayner Foundation are to provide a free confidential counselling service and support for young people and their families and carers in and around surrey.


Our Objectives

  • To raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of depression in young adults through education and campaigning.
  • To work alongside other charitable organisations who have the same objectives as the Lucy Rayner Foundation
  • To fundraise to support our endeavours to meet the objectives laid out by the foundation.
  • To facilitate change in the way mental health is being perceived by society
  • To provide emotional support for young adults with mental health problems and their families
  • To build emotional resilience and stamina in our young adults to enable them to thrive in society


The Foundation’s services include: 

  • Just Talk - monthly café sessions with our team, welcoming young people in the area suffering with a mental health issue and who want to take that first step in getting help and just don’t know where to go. 
  • Surrey Suicide Bereavement Service - A support service for families and significant others bereaved by suicide – (In surrey)
  • Schools support –providing a resources toolkit for schools, and going to talk to teachers and parents about the early signs and symptoms of depression in young people. Currently creating an educational video to present to schools, colleges and uni’s.
  • One to one counselling – provided free of charge by professionally trained team members for those waiting for NHS referral, who are experiencing symptoms such as feelings of stress, anxiety, low mood, hopelessness and suicide. Each session cost’s us £25 a session. We offer one person 6 sessions.
  • Family Matters - Parent support groups for people caring for family or friends with a mental health issue, so they receive emotional and practical support and awareness of available services
  • Can Anyone Hear Me? Summits: The summits are produced in collaboration with young adults delivered by young adults championing and highlighting their mental health challenges. To raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of mental health giving young adults a voice about what their needs are now and for their future.


The Lucy Rayner Foundation has been produced a short film about Lucy Rayner’s life and the work her family has done through her charity since her death, to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of depression in young people. The documentary will be used as an educational tool to raise awareness of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem in young people.

The aim is to be able to show the documentary in schools, colleges and universities so that young people will know what action they can take, where to go, who can help them. To recognise the signs and symptoms in themselves, their friends and families. The main objective is to get them to talk about their feelings before it is too late. The documentary will highlight how and hopefully save some lives. This documentary will run alongside workshops that we do in schools.


How we raise our money:

By holding events throughout the year and rely on donations to keep these services running. It is constantly a challenge to bring in the funds to make sure our service are available to everyone that contact us.

Our charity is an non-for profit because we want every penny to go back into delivering our services to the best of our ability.


The Lucy Rayner Foundation

Registered charity in England (no. 1152243).


Lucy Rayner Foundation


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